Used Oil Recycling Services - ORI Environmental - Oklahoma City, OK   ORI Environmental provides safe and dependable environmental services including hazardous waste disposal & tank cleaning in Oklahoma. Call us at 855-943-8969.
Used Oil Recycling Services

With our fleet of specialized bobtail tank trucks and transport trucks, OSI/ORI Environmental Route specialists collect used oil from our customers throughout the state of Oklahoma. Our used oil management program includes analytical testing for EPA and state specifications, manifesting, and tracking from point of pick up to disposal. All used oil collected is processed at our facility to be used as an alternative burner fuel.
Used Oil Filter Recycling - ORI Environmental - Oklahoma City, OK   Used Oil Filter Recycling Services

OSI/ORI Environmental provides our customers with environmentally approved containers to collect and store used filters until pick-up and removal. All filters collected are transported to our Oklahoma City facility for processing. Used oil filters are crushed into bricks for used oil recovery and metal recycling. Filter bricks are sent in bulk to a scrap metal recycler.
Anti-Freeze Recycling - ORI Environmental - Oklahoma City, OK  

Used Antifreeze Recycling

OSI/ORI Environmental collects used antifreeze from bulk tanks or drums and transports to our compliant facility in Oklahoma. It is then transferred in bulk to a specialized facility for recovery of any reusable glycol.

For complete environmental services, call us at 855-943-8969.

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